The Brothers Project.

Three young men touched the lives of hundreds. In their memory, we aim to change the lives of thousands around the world.


Who we are

 The Brothers Project is a 501c3 non profit organization established on Jan. 1, 2019 by Wayne and Colette Powell in memory of their three boys, Andrew Parker, Jackson Powell and Jonathan Parker. This organization is built to raise money in support of causes reflective of the interests that became their focus, specifically, education, conservation and sustainability. We do this by donating the funds raised through your generous donations, special events and fundraising efforts throughout the year. Unlike many non profit organizations, The Brothers Project has extremely low overhead and no salaried employees, allowing for a very high percentage of the funds raised  to be distributed to charities devoted to these causes.

Please help us in our efforts to make a positive difference.

Our inspiration

 The creation of The Brothers Project was inspired by the three young men pictured above, our memory of them and our desire to do something positive on their behalf. 

Andrew, Jackson and Jonathan established a bond for one another early on and it only strengthened as the years passed. They were brothers and best friends, devoted to their friends and family. They laughed, argued, played football and grew together. They traveled, learned and taught; their love for life contagious. They cared for others, always willing to assist with most any request. Each could be the life of the party but were just as happy enjoying another’s spotlight. They were comfortable in most any crowd and made certain those around them were included and comfortable as well. They experienced many things in life and had many interests. Over time Andrew’s commitment to his studies increased, earning him acceptance to the University of Florida. Jackson’s love for the ocean developed into a desire to preserve it for all to enjoy. Jon’s desire to help those less fortunate took him on volunteer excursions abroad to Thailand and Nicaragua. We work towards The Brothers Project making a meaningful difference to charities focused on the causes Andrew, Jackson and Jonathan were so passionate about.

We, as well as those who knew them have been devastated by the loss of these three young men. Our boys are no longer here to chase their dreams, help preserve our oceans and devote time to those less fortunate, but they inspire us to continue to contribute to those that are, can and will.

​Please help us make a difference.

Read more

 To read more about these inspiring young men, head over to our "About Us" page. Their lives have not only effected those close to them; they have had an impact on people around the world. 

Our Mission

 The Brothers Project was established as our way of contributing to charitable organizations that reflect Andrew’s, Jackson’s, and Jonathan’s passions. Organizations with which they would have been proud to be associated. Our mission is to create an ongoing fundraising apparatus that supports these charities and the work they do. We work to raise money for these worthy causes in the hope that in some small way we can help make a positive difference both locally and abroad. Please help us help others. 

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The Brothers Project

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